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Stealing Puget Sound

Stealing Puget Sound

by Jerry V. Ramsey, Ph.D. © 2015

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In Stealing Puget Sound, Ramsey exposes the little know political tension between the first British settlers and the Americans who crossed the Oregon Trail fifteen years later. The British legal ownership of the precious land in the Puget Sound region was confirmed by international treaty. The well-known "Pig War" was a direct result of the "squeeze" aggressive American settlers put on the British owners.  Ramsey uses primary source letters and journals, plus some secondary materials to document and reference historical accuracy. The book remains comfortably readable but challenges "politically correct" history.


Dr. Ramsey has received four prestigious awards for his authorship, including the Murray Morgan Award from the Tacoma Historical Society, the Annual Publication Award from the Heritage League of Pierce County, the Cyrus Happy Historians Award from the Lakewood Historical Society, and the Pinnacle Award from the Self-Publishers Association.

The DuPont Historical Society is pleased to announce that Dr. Jerry Ramsey, Ph.D., has donated the copyright to his book, Stealing Puget Sound, 1832-1869, to the DuPont Historical Society.  

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