About the DuPont Historical Museum

The Museum tells the story of the unique role that DuPont played in the development of Washington State and the Puget Sound Region. Exhibits include displays and artifacts from the four eras of DuPont history beginning with the Native Americans, through the Hudson Bay Company, to the DuPont Company, and finally Weyerhaeuser's planned community, Northwest Landing. The Museum also features archival photographs, tools used to manufacture dynamite, and displays of Life in a Company Town, 1906 to Today.

Read about the History of the DuPont Museum the Historic Village!


About the DuPont Historical Society

The DuPont Historical Society’s mission is to preserve, interpret, and promote the historical heritage of the City of DuPont and surrounding areas for present and future generations.


Through leadership and education, the DuPont Historical Society will continue to preserve DuPont’s rich cultural heritage by operating the DuPont Museum and developing historic sites, resources, and visitor destinations.


Board of Directors

President: Carol Estep

Vice-President: Nancy Rudel

Secretary: Robbin Goldsby

Treasurer: Melissa McGann

Roy Coffey

Deena Hollsinger

John Schilling

Museum Coordinator: Zachary Lyday

The DuPont Historical Society Board of Directors meets on the third Monday of each month at 7pm in the DuPont Museum. Meeting dates are rescheduled for state and national holidays. Check with the Museum for the current holiday schedule.

COVID-19 NOTE:  Board Meetings are held virtually via Zoom during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Please email duponthistoricalmuseum@gmail.com, if you would like to receive the Zoom link to observe as a guest.