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Du Pont — The Story of a Company Town

by May G. Munyan © 1972

Price: $25.00

May Munyon's history of what is now DuPont, Washington, focuses on the founding of the company town built to house workers for the Powder Works Plant through 1976 when the plant closed—with particular attention to the town residents and community during those 70 years.

[From the inside flap of the dust jacket] "Mrs. Munyan lived for many years close to the influence which the Du Pont Company had upon its employees and neighboring communities.  After becoming a permanent resident of Du Pont, she was convinced that the rich history of this area should be recorded.  She started to write a book, which at first was to be a mimeographed affair with a paper cover.  As the story developed, she realized that it would be a more durable testament if it were a substantial hard-cover book.  The many friends of both Mr. and Mrs. Munyan helped to accomplish the task which she became so devoted to completing."

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