It all started at DuPont: Gateway to Puget Sound History
Discover the history of Native Americans, Hudson Bay Company Fur Traders, Missionaries and DuPont explosive workers through the Museum's interpretive displays, photos, and artifacts.
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DuPont Historical Museum

The Museum is located in DuPont's Historic Village. The building once served as the Village's meat market and later DuPont's first City Hall.

Gazebo at the Harry L. Robinson Park

Gazebo at the Harry L. Robinson Park is located next to the museum. The park was named after DuPont’s first mayor. DuPont’s Dynamite Train is also housed at the park.

Cherry Blossoms Line Barksdale Avenue

Cherry Blossoms line Barksdale Avenue in time for DuPont Historical Society’s Annual Cherry Blossom Tea. The DuPont Company planted the first Japanese Cheery trees in the 1930s.

Old Fort Nisqually

Discover the history of Native Americans, Hudson Bay Company Fur Traders, Missionaries and DuPont explosive workers through the Museum's interpretive displays, photos, and artifacts.

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Articles by historian and author Drew Crooks for the DuPont Museum
Over the years many accomplished people have lived in the area which is now the City of DuPont. One of the most outstanding individuals was William Fraser Tolmie (1812-1886). Among his accomplishments, he served for sixteen years as manager of Fort Nisqually, a trading post that was run by the British-owned Hudson’s Bay Company in the nineteenth century. As post commander, Tolmie’s actions affected Hudson’s Bay Company employees, Native Americans, and American settlers. He was truly a remarkable...  [Read More]
DuPont, Washington has a rich history that stretches far into the past. For thousands of years Native Americans lived in the area. Hudson’s Bay Company employees and American settlers came to the region in the nineteenth century. Then in 1909 the DuPont Village was established by the DuPont Company. The Village has survived many changes over time. Today it remains the City of DuPont’s historic heart...  [Read More]
DuPont, Washington is fortunate to have many historic sites within its boundaries, including several places associated with the Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC). This British corporation, originally chartered in 1670, had established trading posts throughout what is now Canada and the Pacific Northwest by the early 19th century. Over time the HBC constructed a sequence of stations in the present-day DuPont area...  [Read More]
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Drew W. Crooks graduated from the University of Washington with a Masters Degree in museum studies. For over twenty-five years he has worked with various museums in Southern Puget Sound, and written extensively on the region’s heritage.
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